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KONZUK rejects the perception of jewelry as a mere accessory burdened by unnecessary details and overly complicated flourishes.

KONZUK jewelry, with its highly personal elements such as a subtle use of color and an innovative use of materials, is faithful to the clean, minimalist aesthetic of contemporary industrial design and architecture.

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Combining materials like stainless steel, concrete and powder-coated enamel with processes like laser cutting, CNC machining and photo engraving, the KONZUK collection embraces materials and methods that reflect the design-centric philosophy of its wearers. KONZUK crafts each piece as an expression of individual style; a modern design object of strength, durability, color and beauty.

Clean, minimal and modern, KONZUK jewelry fuses unconventional materials like stainless steel and concrete with processes most often reserved for industrial design. Techniques in the KONZUK collections include laser cutting, photo engraving, and diamond-like carbon and powder coating to create a look that goes beyond mere accessory to border on the architectural.

The KONZUK collection includes over 250 rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and cufflinks available at over 100 stores throughout North America, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Pieces are also featured in major art gallery and museum shops, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and, recently, London’s Barbican Art Gallery in conjunction with their Le Corbusier exhibit. Based in western Canada, the KONZUK studio opened its doors in 1997. Designs take a less-is-more approach resulting in jewelry that appeals to devotees of a minimal, modern aesthetic. Many of the pieces in the collection are inspired by the designer’s personal observations of architectural forms and notably the work of Donald Judd.