A Concrete Collaboration (Update!)

Konzuk was recently approached by a German hardware company, Schwinn Beschläge, to submit cabinet handles and pull designs that incorporate concrete.

Schwinn recognized that Konzuk, with years of experience working with concrete and established production techniques, would be the perfect fit to take on such a task.

Within an established set of parameters Konzuk delivered 4 different approaches that tastefully incorporated the detailing of concrete into these functional objects. Inspiration was drawn from existing Konzuk jewelry designs — including incorporating designs from the Signature Concrete Collection into an inset sliding door pull. And drawing from the Orbis Collection to develop a drawer pull.

It was an advantageous collaboration between two companies known for innovation and quality in their product range.

Hardware is jewelry for the home.

**Press Release** Click here to read Schwinn press release (and view media images): Schwinn Unveils Concrete Furniture Hardware Collection by Karen Konzuk

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