Wearable Architecture

Continuum Collection

Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus ideal, namely the inventive use of geometric shapes, innovation in materials and a commitment to minimalist design. The six new inspirational designs include QUADRA, CASTOR, JUNO, LIGO, FREYA and INSPIRA variably named after observatories, spacecraft orbits, stars, black holes, constellations and goddesses of mythology.



Stellar Collection

Inspired by iconic 20th century kinetic art, the Stellar line echoes the architectural principles of balance, rhythm, and harmony to symbolize the delicate art of achieving balance in our busy lives. Stellar designs feature authentic diamond dust embedded in black-tinted concrete. The sparkle of real diamond residue, re-purposed into jewelry, elevates the tastefulness of the minimalist designs. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in the designer/maker studio, resulting in subtle variations that make each piece unique.


Coal Black Concrete Collection

The refined elegance of our popular signature concrete collection is enriched with the bold sophistication of coal black concrete.


Signature Concrete Collection

Architectural details inspired the beginnings of the avant-garde Concrete Collection. KONZUK was struck by the visual contrast and the difference in textures between stainless steel and concrete. This is incorporated the same bold aesthetic into rings, earrings, cufflinks and bracelets. The result is a an incredibly architectural and sculptural line of jewelry.


concrete and gold ring | wearable architecture

Union (Wedding) Collection

KONZUK’s Union Collection transcends traditional designs with simple, modern, and unique wedding rings for men and women. This popular collection is highlighted by unisex concrete rings — let concrete reinforce your union to one another!


tension set stainless steel diamond engagement ring | wearable architecture

Facet (Engagement) Collection

The Facet Collection redefines the typical diamond engagement ring. Prevailing notions dictate that diamonds take center stage but the simplicity and stunning elegance of the tension setting— with the diamond—provides an undeniable allure that’s often disregarded in the design of the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear.


Discus Concrete Collection

For nearly 20 years KONZUK has drawn inspiration from contemporary works of art and architecture. The new Discus collection re-interprets the surface textures of sculptures by Richard Serra in jewelry forged from concrete and steel. The Discus collection is based on a series of over-sized discs — formed by casting concrete into 2mm lathed stainless steel, then refining each piece by hand to create a one-of-a-kind finish. These unique motifs appear in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.


Orbis concrete and stainless steel necklace | wearable architecture

Orbis Concrete + Stainless

A beautiful study in the color grey, the Orbis Stainless Collection pairs cast tinted concrete spheres with hand-forged stainless steel spheres. The result of an extensive three year culmination prototyping cast concrete.


Orbis concrete and gold bracelet | wearable architecture

Orbis Concrete + 18K Gold

A stunning collection of earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and cuff links of cast concrete spheres paired with hand forged 18k gold spheres. These minimalist, elegant pieces elevate concrete into fine jewelry when paired with 18k gold.


stainless steel PVD coated ring | wearable architecture

Eclipse Collection

Originally created with two-toned greys of stainless steel and silver, the Eclipse series has evolved into completely stainless steel pieces, with the black colour achieved through PVD coating of the metal. An elegant collection for men and women.