Company Profile

KONZUK aspires to create jewelry that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory.

The collections are inspired by designer Karen Konzuk’s personal observations of architecture and sculpture; notably the work of Donald Judd and Richard Serra. Minimal form, unique surface texture, and unorthodox materials each define the modernist aesthetic of KONZUK jewelry.

Each design is hand crafted, for both women and men, as an expression of individual style. Unconventional materials, such as Konzuk’s signature use of concrete and stainless steel, are shaped and refined with the intent of shifting traditional perceptions of jewelry.

KONZUK jewelry appeals to design-centric audiences around the world. Collaborations include Sir Paul Smith’s flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. In 2014, it was awarded an international design awards for its innovative Orbis line; and in 2016, Schwinn, Germany, will begin producing its unique line of concrete hardware.

“My goal is for others to share an appreciation for the beauty and intrigue of industrial materials in jewelry design.” – Karen Konzuk