Concrete + Gold Pairing

$4,050.00 $3,645.00

Orbis concrete and gold necklace and bracelet pairing | wearable architecture
Orbis concrete and gold necklace | wearable architecture

Concrete + Gold Pairing

$4,050.00 $3,645.00


A beautiful bracelet (kmb126g) of hand cast concrete spheres with one large 18k gold hand-forged sphere of the same size. Not too weighty but also feels wonderful on the wrist.

This necklace (kmp247g) features two large hand cast concrete spheres with one 18k gold sphere. The cable included is 14k gold available in 16″ and 18″ sizes.

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Materials Concrete + 18k Gold
Lead Time 48 hours
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SKU: KM126247g


Additional information


We use a new generation of concrete for our jewelry called ultra high performance concrete which has the compressive strength of 150 Mpa. Over 20 times stronger than traditional concrete. The spheres will not break or chip if dropped. They are also sealed to prevent oils from penetrating.

Sizing Information

This necklace is shown on 16″ cable. Length will vary on neck size.