KMR136dd Diamond dust-and-concrete ring


concrete and stainless steel ring | wearable architecture

KMR136dd Diamond dust-and-concrete ring



At 8mm wide, this concrete and stainless ring feature an offset diamond dust infused concrete detail at 3.5mm wide. Sizes available 4.5 – 12. Custom sizes available for an additional charge, please email for details.

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Materials Diamond Dust-and-Concrete + Stainless Steel
Size 8mm x 2.6mm
Lead Time 24 hours
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We use a new generation of concrete for our jewelry called ultra high performance concrete which has the compressive strength of 150 Mpa. Over 20 times stronger than traditional concrete. We offer a lifetime warranty on these rings, if the concrete were to chip or break at anytime, we will replace it.

Sizing Information

If you are unsure of your size, please visit a local jeweler to have your finger sized accurately. Be sure they use a wider sizer, close to the size of the ring as wider rings will fit tighter. Do not use sizing charts as they are always inaccurate.