About Stellar

The KONZUK, Stellar collection of concrete-and-diamond jewelry is inspired by iconic 20th century kinetic sculptures and paintings. The Stellar line echoes the architectural principles of balance, rhythm, and harmony to symbolize the delicate art of achieving balance in our busy lives.

Konzuk’s move from the fast-paced city to a remote coastal location provided a new venue for inspiration. Typically influenced by art, design and architecture, designer Karen Konzuk found her attention drawn to the landscape around her. Each piece reminds individuals to find moments of solitude to connect with their thoughts, each other, or their surroundings. “The collection is about taking a moment to appreciate things like the stars in the night sky,” says Konzuk.

The Stellar designs feature authentic diamond dust embedded in black-tinted concrete. The sparkle of real diamond residue, re-purposed into jewelry, elevates the tastefulness of the minimalist designs. Each piece of jewelry is individually handcrafted in the designer/maker studio, resulting in subtle variations that make each piece unique.

It all starts here

A Stellar piece starts with blank discs machined from stainless steel. The discs are then hand-finished and readied to be cast with tinted black concrete.


Added Sparkle

Diamond dust is encrusted onto the damp black concrete. This elevates the otherwise raw material, and is intended to represent the starry night skies above.

Did you know? Only 20% of all diamonds mined in the world are of a quality fine enough for jewelry. The other 80% are used for industrial uses such as cutting glass, other diamonds and even concrete.

Shop the Collection

In line with our mandate to make good design accessible Stellar designs range in price from $20 to $600.

Price Sheet

For your convenience download a PDF of our Stellar retail line sheet.

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Press Release

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